5 Simple Modest Halloween Outfits for Women

Let’s face it, we live in a society where being a girl is sexualized so much so that it’s hard to find just a plain old cute festive Halloween costume. Costumes that leave little to the imagination line the shelves of seasonal shops and (I don’t know about you) but I would just feel so uncomfortable wearing anything that raunchy out.

So, wanted to provide the ladies out there (who feel the same way as me) with some cute DIY options for Halloween this year! You don’t have to be risqué to look super cute. Value your body and treat it as a temple; but, by all means have fun and dress up on October 31st. Hope y’all like these cute suggestions.

1. Olaf or Frosty The Snowman

Okay – so the hit movie ‘Frozen’ has many characters to choose from; but we all know that Olaf, the cute little snowman, has stolen America’s heart. How easy is this outfit? Purchase a white tutu and wear a white T-shirt (complete with felt buttons), red scarf, sparkly party top-hat and warm black tights! Adorable, affordable and appropriate!


2. A Christmas Present

Get into the Christmas spirit early by dressing up as a present! This is so, so simple and fun to make. So wear a black turtle neck and black A-line skirt. Buy one of those mondo packs of holidays bows and either hot glue them to your skirts or just stick them on with the self-adhesive tape on the back of the ribbons. Add a tinsle belt and a bow in your hair of course!


3. Disney Princess

This idea is so easy and cute. Buy a Disney Princess apron and wear it for Halloween. There are so many to choose from online (that are super cheap and won’t break the bank). As you can see, this one below is Cinderella. Simply strap on your apron of choice over black pants and a black top – you are ready to go! You can also make the aprons yourself if you are a crafty maven!


4. Living Fruit

Have a yellow dress and sunglasses? Well, then you can dress up like a Pineapple for Halloween. How cute is this outfit? And the little leaf headband – so simple to make. Just use a toilet paper roll and green construction paper! Here are some simple instructions on how to do just that!


5. Whimsical Deer

So this little outfit is easy – as pie! You have a few brown articles of clothing ie: skirt, pants, sweatshirt or blouse – you are good-to-go! Just layer brown on brown, make a cute little cotton ball tail and fasten some cute horns on your head. There you go. You can even add whimsical face paint for extra pizazz! Check out these cute antler/headband ideas!


Halloween Candy – And 3 Scary Facts About Sugar

pumpkin puppy

Dallas in his pumpkin costume!

It’s Halloween. So this is an obligatory candy post – but it is also very important information for you candy lovers out there.

Tonight is full of sweet treats and chocolate. Once you eat a few, those fun size packs really add up – and the calories and sugar pack on the pounds.

Princesses don’t like extra pounds – their party dresses won’t fit! And sugar is not good for a royal complexion either. So best to crunch on these treats in moderation tonight!

A USA Today article notes that about 4% of all candy consumed in this country occurs on Halloween. If you think about that, it’s a big number.

The Wall Street Journal finds that ‘’the average person consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day, or 355 calories.” Sugar is a diet sabotager y’all – and Halloween is a just a conduit for it.

If you are making a progress on a diet plan and want to steer clear from handing out candy all together, you can hand out little glow sticks to trick-or-treaters. Then you won’t tempt yourself!

FACT 1: Sugar Messes Up Your Skin

So, think about your skin pretty ladies. Sugar enters the blood stream quickly spiking blood sugar levels (that is why we love it). Just like refined carbs and dairy, this causes inflammation that leads to breakouts, rashes and dull skin. We do not love that reaction.

FACT 2: Sugar Can Give You Cavities

candy corn

One 140-calorie serving of candy corn — 19 pieces — would take 35 minutes to burn off!

Let’s not forget about our pearly whites either. Hard candy is actually one of the worst foods for your teeth. “These sweets pack a double whammy in that they not only stick to the teeth, but they also linger in the mouth for a long time as you wait for them to dissolve.”

FACT 3: Sugar Not Eaten in Moderation Will Pack On Pounds 

I am going to be honest with you ladies, candy is not good for you – period. A Buzzfeed article found that Kit Kats, Milky Way, Nerds, Whoppers, Skittles, Butterfinger, and Twizzlers all contain more than 15 ingredients. Gross. I don’t want to put that in my body. Here is a great article about how you can get addicted to sugar – and that addiction is what causes weight gain. It also makes you feel sluggish – so those workouts are extra hard to get up off the couch and do.

Tonight, just remember not to party too hard with the candy. Sugar is good in moderation but can reek havoc on your body if consumed too much.  Happy Halloween!