Zucchini Fries {Gluten Free}

zuchinni friesSo these fries were an experiment. I have never fried anything before, can you believe it? My mom taught me to cook healthy. So pretty much everything was baked or sautéed with olive oil or chicken broth.

However, these fries are way healthier than the fast food version you are going to get. They are also gluten free. I know – so awesome. You get the crunch and that fried taste.

But, I would not make frying a daily routine. However, when you get that craving – do this instead of driving to your favorite golden arches.

You will need: 2 zucchinis, ½ cup of coconut flour, 1 cup of almond meal, 2 cage-free eggs, 1 cup of oil {I used canola- do not use olive oil}, 1 tbsp. garlic powder, 1 tbsp. paprika.

First of all, chop your zucchini up into little fry strips. I may have cheated a tad because I used this little contraption I got for Christmas. Here is it – As Seen on TV Perfect Fries.  This comes in handy.

Pull out three bowls. In one bowl, pour your coconut flour. In another, your almond meal – and in the last one whisk your two eggs.

You may want to add a few spices to your almond meal. I added 1 tbsp of garlic and 1 tbsp of paprika.

In a pot on the stove – pour in your oil (like 2 inches full) and set it to high heat. Let this simmer for about 5 minutes.

While it’s simmering, coat your veggie fries in the above ingredients. So, first dip one fry into the coconut flour. You want to lightly dust it. Then coat it in the egg mixture. Lastly, roll it in the almond meal. Just lay out your coated fries on a paper towel – the next step is frying.

Use metal tongs to help you in the frying process. Drop 1-5 fries in the boiling pot for not very long. You want to keep them in the pot until they are golden brown. Mine browned in like 30 seconds.

Repeat this process until all your fries are toasty. There you go – a healthier French fry.