10 Reasons To Love Your Sister

SISTER LOVE1. She thinks you are pretty and always will.

With a sister you have a built in fan. She loves you and thinks you are beautiful. I mean, you are related so she should ultimately think you are a number one stunner. Those genes run deep.

2. You’re a nerd, and she loves that.

Let’s face it. Your sister will love you regardless how completely nerdy you are. You can talk about Netflix documentaries and not fear her being completely freaked out that you find these fascinating.

3. When you are not funny, she will call you out.

Let’s face it, sometimes you tell jokes and they bomb. Your sister will not give you a pity laugh. She will call you out for your lame joke. She might even make fun of you. But, hey – she is your sister. She can get away with it.

4. You can tell inside jokes with her.

With sisters, you really don’t even have to explain yourself. You can give her one look or show some sort of facial expression and she will know what you are talking about or alluding to. You can tell inside jokes to your heart’s content.

5. You have a double closet.

Most of the time you can share clothes with your sister –glory, glory hallelujah! Hey, and even if she is shorter or taller than you and the clothes or shoes don’t fit just right, there are always mounds of purses, belts, hats and endless accessories to pick from.

6. You can dump your dog on her anytime.

Sisters are great at puppy sitting. Your sister loves you and wants to help you. So, you can feel at ease dropping your furry pets off at her house – at least for the weekend. After all, she the best one to take care of your fluffies! She knows how much they mean to you.

7. You have a partner in crime.

Okay – I am not talking actual crime here; but, you will never have to do stuff alone with a sister. She is there to help you, go to parties with you, run errands with you. You have a built in best friend.

8. She’ll give you glares when you break your diet.

Sisters don’t tread lightly in keeping one another accountable. If you say you are on a diet, she will hold you to that. Just be prepared for heavy glares when you reach for those potato chips or cookies. She is watching you and will call you out.

9. She is the best for straight talk.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear – even comprehend. Sisters are straight talkers. They are not little friends who tell white lies to make you feel better. Even if it means some tears, sisters will weigh in with a completely honest opinion.

10. She will listen to your heart.

Your sister knows who you are as a person. She has lived with you for at least 18 years and will take the time to listen to your heart. She won’t get bored talking to you about your fears and desires. She wants the best for you.

Do me a favor and hug your sister today!


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