Making the Switch from Coffee to Tea

teaHold your breath. I know a lot of people are going to gasp at this statement: I made the switch from coffee to tea, and I am loving it.

I am a coffee girl. I’ve been drinking the rich stuff since high school. So, believe me when I say, I love, love coffee. It holds a special place in my heart.

Yum – that half and half creamer and cinnamon sprinkle on top of the lovely foam. Delish. Even just plain black coffee, I am one of those unique people that loves drinking that!

As you can imagine it was hard to part from such a tasty, soothing treat. it is like a comfort thing for me. However, my body is really thanking me for the switch.

Here’s why – my hormones are more balanced during the day (I don’t have highs and lows), my anxious feelings have disappeared, unwanted sweating has ceased, my skin looks ten times better, no more dairy in my drink (less fattening) and that vice/addiction is gone completely.tee

No longer do I wake up and crave a Cup of Joe. Now, I crave a hot cup of tea. But, if I somehow do not have time to drink up in the morning, I am not helpless and can go throughout the day without a pick-me-up or a headache.

Don’t get me wrong, I still drink a little caffeine. I am not one of those who preach that herbal tea is the only kind that is good for you. So, occasionally I will have a cup of black tea or earl grey with almond milk. Yet, these teas, though they have caffeine in them, have so much less than a cup of coffee.

Hopefully, I will make the full switch to just herbal, decaf tea. But right now, in this phase in my life, this change seems needed and just good for me. And, you can still enjoy Starbucks. Order a skim or soy chai tea latte!

If you are having a few health issues like unwanted sweating, anxiousness or just feel unbalanced, try giving up the coffee. I did and my body is really thanking me. I don’t think I will look back from here. It’s hard to give up something that is so good; but, your health is worth far more than just a stimulant to the brain.


5 Surprisingly Practical Uses for Tea Bags

ImageI love hot tea. Not only does it soothe your soul, it warms your body – and just makes you feel good.

On a cold winter’s day piping hot tea will be sure to make you smile. There are many medicinal uses for tea; however, there are also some practical uses.

I have a tried a few of these practical uses before. But, there are many on here that I am going to try – because never knew tea could be used this way.

So, tea is not just a good drink – it can actually be used in many ways! How cool.

Cool a Sunburn

You can cool a sunburn with wet tea bags! Just apply the wet bag to the infected/burned skin and it eases the sting. This can also work with minor burns as well. If you have a sunburn all over your body, put some tea bags in your bath water and soak in the bath tub!

Reduce Puffy Eyes

Take the redness and puffiness out of tired eyes with tea bags! Soak two tea bags in lukewarm water and set them on your closed eyes for about 20 minutes. This will revitalize sleepy, swollen eyes.

Make a Soothing Mouthwash

Ever have ulcers in your mouth? Make a soothing mouthwash with peppermint tea! Peppermint is an antiseptic and alleviates pain on contact with skin surfaces. Just add two peppermint tea bags in a hot cup of water along with a couple shakes of salt – and rinse your mouth with this soothing drink.

Eliminate Foot Odors

Yes, this is possible! Just soak your feet in a bath of strong tea daily for about 20 minutes. Your feet will smell nice and clean. The tea bath will get rid of stinky feet smell once and for all!

Enhance Hair Shine

Make a DIY hair conditioner with tea bags. After shampooing and conditioning hair, dump a glass of warm tea water on your lovely locks. This will enhance the shine and serve as a natural hair conditioner.