Inner Court Worshipper

I want to be an inner court worshipper. I pray I have the boldness to enter into your throne room and throw myself at your precious feet, Jesus. May I live my life on my knees, hands up, giving glory, honor and praise to you sweet King of Kings.

For I know that I am not worthy – but by your grace and mercy you have made me more than a conqueror.

You have handed me a sword – that will never be tarnished. It glimmers in the light of your goodness. I hold it up – for you say – in my weakness you are strong. You line your children’s feet with guidance.

You speak openly and directly:

 “This is the way, walk forward child. I will protect you. I will equip you. You are ready, sweet one. Answer my call.”

I am but a mortal being. Fear often invades my mind in your most fervent time of calling. May I carry the courage of David when he approached the great giant – outnumbered in strength and size.  May I embody the boldness of Esther when she announced herself to King Xerxes knowing full well that she may encounter death. May I display the faith of Mary when the angel appeared to her and told her she was with child – and not just any child the Spotless Lamb of God.

It is the cry of my heart that your words are always on my lips, Sweet Savior. This world is but a fleeting moment in the outlook of eternity. It is my zealous desire to be the light you have called every single one of your followers to be – bright, bold, beautiful, and full of passion.  

Let your faith well in up in my soul. May my ears be fine-tuned to discern what you are speaking over me. Give me the confidence to shout these promises from the rooftops.

I want to be a vessel that can be used for your utmost glory. I praise you – for you have come to give hope to the weary. You walk with your children every day, God. You carried our burdens to the cross.

You alone are worthy.


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