My Flesh May Fail – But, My God, You Never Will!

LIGHT GODI love playing Spotify in the morning. Usually set it to the Chris Tomlin station. There is something about praise and worship that ignites the soul. It is refreshing to start the day with God’s promises set to music.

A song by Elevation Worship came on this morning – I know I have heard it before, but this morning it struck a chord in my heart. I literally felt my heart jump within my chest. It felt like butterflies. What an amazing feeling – my soul was grabbed by the King of Kings!

The lyrics state, “I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me. My flesh may fail, but My God You never will!”

I need to realize this more – that although I fail and mess up, God is there in the midst of my weakness saying, ‘Baby, it’s alright. Let me be strong! You are weak; but, that is why I bleed and died – to take away your weakness and be your strength!’

My strength is a vapor without the muscle of my King! It is so easy to think we possess superhuman powers on our own. However, life crumbles without Christ as the center. He is the one working through my hands (and I want it that way!). I have earned nothing on my own.

Thank you, God – for the strength of a million men! Thank you, Lord for the protection of a fleet of angels. You are my strength and my shield. My flesh may fail – but you never will!

Listen to the song here: “Give Me Faith”


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