About Kimi

My name is Kimi. Welcome to my little space in the world. Writing is my passion. I am fueled by poetic lives and inspirational journeys. Political communications is my career; however, Jesus is my life!

I am a wife and mommy to two little ones. I am also the author of “Crowned in Promise: 100 Prayers for Your Children,” which is a prayer resource books for parents (with all ages of children). The book contains 100 individually themed prayers to claim over the lives of your children.

This blog was essentially birthed because my life was lacking creativity and my Xanga account that I scribbled all my poems in since 2004 was shutdown. Don’t worry, I saved all the material.

There is nothing like starting anew!

Just like we are new creation in Christ, this blog is my rebirth. Not a physical rebirth – I picture Nicodemus’ question to Jesus here – but maybe a spiritually observant one.

Focused like a spectacle, every little moment, every observation matters in this life. Whether it be walking barefoot on damp green grass, feeling gritty sand between our toes or singing to the vacant mountains in an age-old canyon. It matters – because we are here on earth as vessels of the living God.

That taste of rich homemade soup – should pervade your senses. That aroma of pine needles crackling in the fireplace should awaken us to His holiness. And that baby touching our sweet face with gentle kisses – should move our soul like pumping wings.

Life is a gift.

This blog is my way of embracing the moments – and pointing to Christ in the ordinary.

Discarding the paper crown for the authentic that is obtained through delight in the wonders of God.


One thought on “About Kimi

  1. Kerry says:

    HI Kimi,
    So, a dear gentlemen that was my oboe teacher when I was a child called me just a few minutes ago. He had looked for my name on the Internet and found it, and it was wonderful to connect with him again. I was curious to see what he found by typing in my name, and there you were as one of the 40 most beautiful people in Washington DC! You have a very nice blog and a history that is not all that different from mine. Everyone in my family went to Baylor except me – – my grandparents on both sides, and you can find all their bricks on the walk there in Waco with their name on them. We probably have similar family back there someplace. My people are Texans from very very long back probably in the beginning of Texas history. We live or rather, we lived in Sabinal,Texas which is west of San Antonio. Anyway, I wanted to just say hi and give you my best. I do plan on using some of your recipes however! My wife is a good cook and public can use those. We also have Jesus in common! As we love and serve Him daily. Blessings to you!

    The Reedmaker Reed Shop
    Kerry Willingham
    Annapolis, MD

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