Hallelujah in the Waiting

We will walk forward in faith fully trusting your divine direction. You lead your people into abundance.You are the God that moves mountains. You are the King that reigns in gentleness but also authority. We look to you when times appear bleak. We look to you when we feel like we are waiting for answers.

We avert our gaze from the things of this world and focus on the glory that shines from your face. Looking at you sets our minds at ease. You are our banner that flows forcibly in the wind. When we want to surrender, your strength sustains us.

Awesome is God from his sanctuary; the God of Israel—he is the one who gives power and strength to his people. Blessed be God! – Psalm 68:35

Move in mighty ways, Dear Lord. May we see your hands extended in these days – showering your children with love, blessings, and power.

We will walk forward in faith fully trusting in your divine direction. You lead your people into abundance. May we sing to you and lift our voices loud with utmost affection. You are the God who still moves and preforms miracles.

We see you in the clouds, God. We wait for your direction and shout “hallelujah” in the waiting – for you are always good.


Raising Beautiful People in a Fallen World

Train up a child in the way he should go_ and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22_6Today, I watched my little boy put an oven mitt over his hand and mix up an imaginary meal.

Like any mother would be, I was touched to see my son enjoying himself – playing fearlessly in the Children’s Museum and exploring with many fun and creative toys.

He would open the wooden fridge and purposely put a spatula in a specific compartment. Though it was not known to me his reasoning – or anyone else for that matter, you could tell – he had a plan for that metal spatula and it was to be in that freezer.

When he placed that oven mitt on his hand today – a truth hit me like a brick. To some it might be a super cliché truth; but, nevertheless sometimes cliché sayings hit us harder at specific times for a reason.

The truth was: I had never shown him how to put that oven mitt over his hand. He simply had watched me cook dinners with these funny looking mitts on. From watching me he knew what to do.

Sometimes, I overlook the fact that he is still so young. Not even 1 ½ and he gathered enough of what was happening around him to know how to copy me. More and more each day he studies what my husband and I are saying and doing, and he tries to mimic us.

As parents, it’s a scary truth. Little eyes and ears are always watching what we say, do and how we react to certain situations. That’s a serious reality – one we mustn’t overlook.

These little one’s minds are impressionable, and it’s our duty to reflect love, respect, reverence, commitment and so much more into their little lives.

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. ― W.E.B. Du Bois

It’s funny –a silly, little oven mitt today made me remember to watch my words and actions. But, isn’t that how God works sometimes – through the simple?

It made me remember to slow down and truly reflect on my movements – for little eyes are watching expectantly – trying to figure out this brave new world.

We have been given a huge task by God – to raise beautiful people in a world full of despair. The fibers of our character can knit a masterpiece in our child’s lives or a misshapen garment.

May our little ones pick up more than just how to put an oven mitt on their hands from our lives. Our goal should be to live in such a way that integrity and uprightness is interwoven in the filaments of their hearts.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

I pray LORD that you give me your hands and feet. I feel elated and honored that you chose me to care for this little one. May he see in my life – someone who is not perfect; but relies on the Master of the Universe for guidance and wisdom. This is my hope and prayer – that he sees and desires to emulate one day. May he see you through me!

May our life be like fall – crisp, ruddy but real!

ImageMy feet enter the bed of crunchy leaves –raked in precision. Hair glistening auburn in the speckled sunlight – it’s fall. The air smells like pumpkin scented candles, my skin, rippled with goose bumps is no longer a toasty tan from the summer months. It’s pristine white like pillars of ivory.

The chilly afternoon breeze is the reason for my ice-cold reaction – these little dots of frosty membrane on the covering of my bones. Yet, I don’t seem to mind.

The air is fresh. Chimney’s sputter out grey smoke into the distance and the quiet, plump husband and wife doves coo in the distance. It’s a coo of peace and fulfillment. I scan the rich, warm scenery to spot this feathery couple– they blend in to the nature around me. They are impossible to spot. Very well, I think, this was God’s intent, his way to protect and cover them in the wild. Their music soothes my soul.

Laughing. Whirling of crispy leaves. These are things I remember from childhood. Stillness. Peaceful painted sky. Orange plastic Jack-o-Lantern trash bags with goofy, toothless grins and cozy loose knit sweaters. Warm apple cider. A great hunt for mossy sticks in the yard in order to build a crude fire in a spacious Texas ranch home. Dirty hands. Lungs full of air. Safety, comfort – this was my autumn world.

But was this how it was – or just how I pictured it? Thinking back on this world fills my imagery with the aroma of perfection. It is easy to look back at this memory and visualize grandeur. Moments of care-free bliss. Often times, early memories are aggrandized.

The Swiss Miss cup of grocery store hot chocolate turns into a gourmet, milk chocolate fashioned in the North Pole. The breeze I thought was too cold (and I might have complained about) develops into a crisp, fall day over time in my mind. And the leaves that I once clasped a hold of – were not clean, they were earthy and, more than likely, carried crawling critters.apples

However, isn’t this like life? It’s a crazy beautiful mess – not how you picture it, but the little moments create sweet memories and lasting love. No matter how nicely you frame the scenery – whether with a gold embellished frame or a rustic wood one, that bowl full of water and floating apples looks appealing – but when seeking for that perfect crisp fruit, your head and hair will still get soaking wet – but you capture that sweet prize.You embrace life.

May our life be like fall – crisp, ruddy but real! God did not promise a life of ease – but one full of trials, triumphs, failures and joy. One of promise. It’s important to really digest the truth that promise cannot be obtained without practice.

We may fall on our knees and soil those brand new jeans, but we get up – knees stinging in pain. A gnarly branch may catch our hair and mess up that perfect, neat bun, but we fasten back that tangled hair with a bobby pin and continue on, unaffected by appearance.

Can you hear the doves in the distance – the ones coupled in peace?

They have reached promise. And we are on a journey to obtain that as well. Let’s pray for peace and rejoice in the dirty nature, falling leaves and water soaked apples for they make us into sturdy vessels. No longer cisterns of stagnant water – we are the flowing living water of God!