You’re Never Too Old for a Princess Chair

princess chairThis blog is called ‘Trading Paper Crowns’ so I will occasionally write Princess posts. So, men, if you are reading this – deal with it. Girls of all shapes, sizes and colors are truly royalty in the eyes of Christ.

So, I like to talk about this – and what better way than to sprinkle little reminders all over this blog spot.

Here are some fantastic princess chairs. I found online. I really like just to envision myself in each one – and think about being royalty in Christ.

Really, picture yourself sitting comfortably in a throne room, hair braided and cascading down your back. Diamond crown fastened and fixed, you are all radiant with a glow of your King – the one, true Redeemer.

Gaze at these elegant chairs and pick your favorite. Read the Bible verses a loud and carry this picture with you all day. You stand on holy ground in the presence of Christ. He has fixed your jewels up top of your head and has handed you the scepter as a key to his kingdom. Sit in honor and esteem.


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