Oatmeal Pancakes {Gluten Free}

ImagePancakes warm your soul. I think I should trademark that as a quote. I love experimenting with various recipes to find the perfect gluten free pancake. I think I might have discovered it. These pancakes were not only filling – they were wholesome.

I felt like I was on a farm, sitting at the wooden, crude table with a glass of milk and silky bonnet on – eating breakfast before having to milk the cow!

These were fresh and mouthwatering good. I can’t remember the last time I had wheat – but honestly, I would choose these sweet pancakes over Ihop any day of the week or weekend!

You will need: 2 cups gluten-free rolled oats, 1/2 cup gluten free vanilla whey protein powder, 2 tsp. baking powder, ¼ tsp. baking soda, ¼ tsp. sea salt, 4 tbsp. coconut oil melted, 2 cage free egg, 3 tbsp. agave nectar, and 1 cup skim milk (or almond, coconut, soy).

These are simple and easy to make. In one mixing bowl, place all the dry ingredients – oats, whey protein powder, baking powder, baking soda and sea salt. Gently sift this mixture together.

In a separate bowl, add all the wet ingredients. Crack in the eggs, melted coconut oil, agave nectar and skim milk. Mix this up pretty well. Pour the dry mixture in with the wet and stir it up.

This will create your batter. On a frying pan – grease it with coconut oil (just a tablespoon). And spoon out the pancake mix (like you would with regular batter!) Flip for perfection – so it’s gold on both sides.

Bonus: to keep the pancakes warm, heat your oven to about 200 and line a cookie sheet with foil. After each pancake is done on the skillet – place them in the warm oven – and serve hot with a little light syrup!


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