Seek To Be Worth Knowing Rather Than Be Well Known

worth knowingThis phrase hit me like a load of bricks. I absolutely love it especially in the culture we live in – the culture of instant stardom. We see pictures of beautiful movie stars online. These starlets or superhuman men grace the pages of the magazines or stand like a pristine statue on the runway.

They are graceful and elegant with their painted smiles and piercing eyes. But, honestly, what do we know about them? There are some stars that I’ve never even heard their voices. Being well known does not define your worth.

Your worth is defined by who you are inside – your personality, kind heart and desire to serve. This has nothing to do with outward appearance. Society has it messed up. it associates beauty and celebrity status with worth. Not so.

Jesus says in John 17:25,

‘O righteous Father, the world doesn’t know you, but I do; and these disciples know you sent me.’

This verse shows that the ‘world’ did not know the Father – the King of Kings. He was not Cesar. He did not have elaborate parties. He washed people’s feet and ate at the table of sinners. His heart was not fame focused but rather God focused.

Beautiful One – seek to be worth knowing rather to be well known. The actions you make today may not be splashed across magazines or proclaimed on news sites; but, your Father will take note of it in heaven.

The hungry man you feed or buy a sandwich for may go unnoticed here on earth; but God sees you. That song you sing to that bed bound elderly lady will not be posted on YouTube, but God hears it. The love you give to your family members and friends may not win an award – but your Maker notices.

May we seek to be people of humility – people truly worth knowing, unaffected by the limelight and the bright billboards of fame. Like moths, we are surely drawn to the flame but the flame of self gratification burns and destroys. Dear One, do not seek to be a star – because you already are one in the eyes of the Lord.

Sparkle and shine with the light of Christ. You live for an audience of one. Tabloids will last for a moment, but your character and love and will stand the test of time.


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