A Picture of Love: Mother’s Day


White House Christmas: Kimi, Mom and Kristen

My mom is the picture of southern sweetness and sass. Born in Dallas, Texas, her boots were made for walking. She is a spitfire – always the first to chime in to group discussions, tell stories or share of the goodness of her Savior.

She has taught me to always be a light for God. A flight attendant by trade, she never meets a stranger or shies away from talking about the wonderful righteousness of the Lord’s hands.

She reads voraciously anything she can get her hands on. From health food books to Christian living, she makes the most of every word printed across a page.

As a child, living under my parent’s roof, the image I saw of her every night was that of her in a chair, lamp on – reading the Bible. She was praying for both me and my sister. That is a mom of strength. That is a true picture of greatness.

I often think about how my mom has impacted my life. She has not just impacted me; she has made me who I am. She taught me kindness and introduced me to messy crafts. She’s joined me while playing in mud puddles and held my hand while crying on the kitchen floor.


I can only hope one day I will be the type of mother she was and is to me. I love her with my whole soul. Her heart is gold and much larger than the size of Texas.

I love you, mommy. You are beautiful and the person I look up to the most. You have been the steady source of love in my life. You are my friend, mother and mentor. You are more than a blessing. And, I truly cannot thank you enough for everything you are to me, Kristen and Daddy!

Happy Mother’s Day.


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