Fear – The Nasty Poisonous Berry

FEARFear. It rears its ugly head in our lives so often. It’s fear that tells us that we are not good enough or will never measure to the standard of perfection.

It’s fear that is that snake in the garden handing us that apple of pleasure. It whimpers ‘eat,’ knowing full well, that we are protected and under the power of God’s grace.

Fear is a nasty poisonous berry. It hinders and destroys us from blooming fully and assuredly into the beautiful flower that God has called us to be!

You see, God waters us every day with his loving kindness. His Word is the Miracle Grow to our lives; but, we can so easily get entangled and chocked by the thorns of fear.

We can choose to listen to the thorns around us and forget that Jesus wore that crown of thrones for you. He choked that weed, took your fear and replaced it with his grace and mercy. He did this all at the foot of the cross.

You can grow fully in Him, if you follow his Word. He has spoken everlasting promises over you, sweet one – promises that no eye has seen nor ear has heard. He has handed you the keys to his kingdom and said ‘love me and others.’ How beautiful.

Don’t let fear steal your perfect joy. Don’t let it rob you of your eternal riches. Look at that snake in the face and say, ‘Christ died and took my thorns of fear and insecurity. He replaced it all with grace, hope and anticipation.’ How great the love the Father has lavished upon us!


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