How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

water bottleWater. You love it; yet – you hate it. After a long run, water is like the nectar of the gods; however, just sitting at your desk, you’d rather sip on a refreshing coke, right?

Well, sorry to say to those who don’t like water – we need it. Of course there are ways to spice it up (fresh fruit or yummy cucumber pieces).

But the simple fact is water really is a necessity to the human body. Did you know that our brain is made up of 73% water? Wow.

I decided to stick to a daily water schedule (as outlined in this picture on the blog). It is an ingenuous idea that I cannot take credit for – but can speak with a glowing review.

Not only does sticking to a water schedule decrease your appetite, it makes you more alert, your skin supple and your mind sharp.

Don’t believe me, try it. Just get a cute little nalgene bottle and use a sharpie to mark out the times you are supposed to drink your water by! I am a competitive person by nature – so having little times on my water bottle really drives me to complete this goal that I set for myself.

Aim to drink two 32 ounce cups of water a day. It is not hard, if you space out the time. Trust me. Also, think about cutting out soft drinks – if you want to see a major difference in your body.

Some of the wonderful benefits of drinking more water are: clearer, wrinkle free skin, decreased bags under eyes, bright eyes, strong hair and nails and weight loss.