5 Cute Animals That Will Enhance Your Work – and Relieve Stress

Sometimes just looking at cute animals can cut stress. Don’t believe me? Tell you what, if after looking at these cute fuzzy ones – you don’t feel more relaxed – comment and tell me what’s up!  Complain. I can take it. However, I think these happy little cuties will turn your cloudy day into sky of sunlight. And maybe they can teach you a few pointers for work too!

1.  Tune Out Your Annoying Audience

Listen, if you sit in a cubicle for work, you will have people who want to talk your ear off. If you have this type of co-workers around you all day – it can do a number on your stress level. Put on some headphones to drain out the noise. Listen to classical music or jam out to some hit pop songs. It just might enhance your creativity. This cute little golden retriever has the right idea.

headphone dog

2.  Dress For Success

If you dress better, you will feel better. You don’t have to wear Ann Taylor or Calvin Klein – but seriously, don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. You won’t respect yourself neither will your co-workers or superiors. This little dog has the right idea – dress nicely. Look put together. You will gain more respect that way and feel better too.

bowtie dog

3. Stop And Smell the Roses

Never get too boggled down with work – that you forget to stop and smell the roses. When the pressure is mounting or a deadline is setting in, take a walk – smell some flowers. This will clear your head and dissipate all that stress that builds day upon day. This kitty is doing just that – smelling the sweet flowers of life [because there is more to life than just work].

cat flowers

4. Take a Vacation

You do not have to work all the time to get ahead. Take a vacation. Put your feet in the sand from time to time. The office will not burn down without you [they can manage for 5 days]. Even if you think you can’t get away for a whole week (gasp!) take a long weekend. Go to a winery with your loved ones. Breaks are actually beneficial to your productivity.

vaca dog

5. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

No one, and I repeat, no one likes a self-righteous person. Learn to laugh at yourself and listen to other people’s ideas. Remember, it takes a entire team to run an office or organization – and that means tons of ideas not just one. Be goofy sometimes – life is not meant to be just serious.

goofy dog