“There is no one else for me, None but Jesus! Crucified to set me free, Now I live to bring Him praise.” -Hillsong

There is nothing quite like peace and quiet. It is refreshing to escape the noises of the city and the company of friends’ jovial laughter– just to listen to the wind. For in the stillness and tranquility, we hear God’s calming voice more clearly. Psalm 46:10 urges us to, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

I am reminded of the beautiful song that goes, “In the quiet, in the stillness, I know that you are God. In the secret of your presence, I know there I am restored.” Quietness restores a baffled mind. It eases an anxiety laden heart.

May we find time to escape from the worries of the day and reflect on The Calmer of the Storm – Jesus! He is the only one that can stand up on the violent waters and calm the currents in our lives.  Let us look to his guidance and follow his light daily!



You the Giver of True Peace! I pray you calm my anxious and worry-laden heart. You say never to be anxious for anything – but by prayer and petition present my requests to you! I ask you for your peace that passes al understanding to fill my life today and always.

In Jesus’ Name Amen.


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