Bind My Wandering Heart To Thee!

ImageI’m guilty of it – so often, I think we forget to cry out to God. We get busy in day-to-day life and praying is not the first thing on our agenda. We make to-do lists in our heads, brace ourselves for the trying day ahead and forget to call on the Maker of All Good Things. 

This is a tragedy; because, He is the one that sets our life in motion. He is the one that blesses his children beyond compare. We get too busy scheduling all our blessings that we forget the Blesser! 

We need to challenge ourselves every morning to praise our Father in Heaven for His hand of provision – for without his  protection we stand undefended. Thank you Lord for your mercies every morning and at night. You make the sun rise and set. We will praise you for your abundant goodness!


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