Live Out One Verse a Week!


Check out some really cute “Verse of the Week” boards, here  and here

A verse a week, what a great idea! As a Christian, we should saturate our lives in God’s Word daily. That does not mean that we need to read a whole chapter of the Bible a day – or conquer a Bible Study book lesson every single morning.

As working adults or students, we are busy and life has its commitments. Running the kids to baseball practice, studying for exams or simply preparing for that big presentation at work can consume our time; however, we can reflect on one verse a week. Write it out on the fridge, on your desk, bathroom mirror, car console – or on a neat board like this one (left!).

This little verse will remind us each and every day to reflect on God’s Word! Have your kids read it before going to school. Write it on lunch napkins. This could be a good way of engaging the whole family to reflect on scripture. If you journal, write about this for personal reflection and quiet prayer.

Psalms is a great book to start with – the beautiful charges and blessings are poetic yet powerful. This appeals to me because writing poetry is one of my passions. Yet, if you want to reflect on the miracles of Jesus – the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) might be a good place to begin.

The main point or the takeaway is – it is important to saturate ourselves in the word of God. This is as much a challenge to myself – as to you. Let’s reflect on a verse a week and try to live out our lives according to that beautiful promise from God!

After all, God has called us to “Be holy, because I am holy.” (1 Peter 1:16)


One thought on “Live Out One Verse a Week!

  1. kijsak says:

    What a wonderful post! I am so glad to see my signature verse of the week boards I have created for years have been inspiring others for their own scripture learning! I love to see that so many desire to have scripture in their hearts & homes and it keeps me in my studio creating Verse of the Week boards, frames, cards and anything else I think might encourage them!! Thanks for sharing about this concept and sharing one that was inspired by my work!

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