Yoga Stretches For The Desk Worker

desk jobI sit at a desk for a majority of the day. Eyes glued to the computer, the typical U.S. adult is sedentary for 60 percent of their waking hours and sits for an average of six hours per day. What? This can’t be good.

Sitting too much can be perilous for your health. It increases the chances for heart disease, decreases enzymes that burn fat and, in the end, can lead to a shorter life.

But, no worries, you can change these factors – you can turn back the clock. Just focus on your health and try not to sit too long in the day.

Tips: Take a 15 minute walk during the work day, stand at your desk for a portion of the day, stand during meetings, walk to lunch and do some hip opening stretches.

I would do these stretches in addition to some of the tips above.  I have found these particular yoga stretches very effective. They are hip openers that stretch out my body and relieve the tension built up during the day.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose


This is a great stretch to alleviate back pain during the work day. Read here on how to get into the proper pose. This move stretches the groins, hamstrings and hips. It calms the mind and decompresses the spine. It is said to relieve fatigue, mild depression and anxiety.

Double Pigeon Pose


This is an intense hip opener. It will relieve tension, anxiety and stress. Hold this pose for 5 long breaths. Click here to see how to get into the pose properly.

Pigeon Pose


This is my absolute favorite yoga pose. No matter how tight my hips feel – this is sure to stretch them out. Make sure you align your body properly. This will help relieve low back pain and stiffness.  I have also found that done regularly with the right breathing technique this will shrink your hips.


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