4 Tips That Will Make Life a Little Brighter

ImageIt’s Friday. First of all, let’s give this day a round of applause. You have reached the end of the work week. What a reason to celebrate! Hopefully, you can sleep in a little tomorrow, sit around in your pajamas and wake up to a roasted cup of coffee.

Just wanted to share with y’all today – 4 things that just make my life a little better! It’s nice to be frugal (it’s what I strive toward) but sometimes you just have to splurge on the little things in life that make things easier, happier and calmer. These are some things that I have found make me smile and just relax a little more. Maybe they will make you feel that way too!

Buy Cute, Unique Coffee Mugs

I love coffee. This is not a secret. One thing that makes my morning is drinking out of a fancy, little coffee mug. Sometimes I feel like grabbing my chunky sunflower mug – whereas other days I feel like sipping out of a dainty blue and white teacup. I like picking out coffee mugs based on my moods. So, stock up on mugs that make you happy. Seriously, do not scrip on these – instead of a $1 mug, buy one for $7. It will make a difference.

Wear One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Pieces

I feel weird if I forget earrings for the day. Maybe because I’ve had my ears pierced since 1st grade – no clue. However, I think its fun to wear unique pieces of jewelry to work. Hit up places like outdoor markets, antique malls or even estate sales. You can find little hidden gems at these types of places. It makes life better standing out from the crowd – this is one way you can do it!

coffee mug

I got this coffee mug from Annapolis. It makes me think of the beach!

Wear Bright Standout Shoes

Everyone can wear those stiletto black pumps. But, doesn’t it feel fun to wear colors on your feet? I like wearing black to work. Wearing all black in kind of a staple of mine. However, I like to pair red, turquoise, tan or classy designed shoes in with every black outfit. Not only are you not monochromatic this way – you add in a bit of interesting flair.

Follow a Mindless TV Show

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since college. Find a mindless TV show and watch it. Find out the day that it’s on weekly and just veg out after work with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. You should have a guilty pleasure and this is a good one. Don’t be embarrassed. A working girl needs to alleviate stress in her life someway. Sometimes taking your mind off things just for 30 minutes or an hour can help!


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