Chunky Jewelry: Evening, Work & Weekend

I am such a fan of chunky jewelry. Of course, you really need to know how to wear it – so it’s not gaudy looking. Believe me, that can happen, and I think we have all been there before. Whoops – the power of trial and error.

But, you can really dress up an evening dress, plain work outfit and monochromatic weekend look with some pretty, chunky pieces. I like wearing a statement necklace with subdued earrings. Pearl or gold studs are my favorite choices.


An example of a smart purchase!

I put these looks together in this chart – as an example of an evening, work and weekend look where the chunky jewels are accomplished.

However, these picks are expensive – warning.

I think it is important to wear wedges at work – to save your pretty, little feet from pain down the road. And boots with a tiny heel are ideal for weekend fun. Yet, go out on a limb when you are partying after work. Wear those stilettos. Who knows, you may just meet Mr. Right in them? You want to accentuate your assets when going out on the town!

Sadly girls, we are not all millionaires and can’t afford these exact choices above! However, I also included a picture of a purchase of mine that cost me a whopping $25 dollars: sweater, necklace and earrings included. I am going to pair it with a black pencil skirt for a cute work outfit. Thank goodness for places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Not going to break my bank for a pair of 1k earrings. No thank you. But, you can still look stylish and feel good about being thrifty.

Let me know what you think about these outfits! Do you like chunky jewelry too?


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