Be Brave. Fear is Not A Friend.

ImageI like this message – ‘Be Brave.’ I am definitely not a woman’s lib type. I mean, I think women should work if they want to, that they can acquire their dreams…etc, etc. However, I do not feel like we are persecuted and jilted from the working world.

Heck, women have kids and it’s natural to stay home with them (I will refrain from getting into this) – yet, bravery is a beautiful message to pass on to women of all ages.

This concept makes me think of the Disney/Pixar movie “Brave.” I not only like this movie – because the heroine has red, curly hair, but she is the epitome of the word that means ‘courageous.’

I would like to picture myself like her – riding care-free in the wind, jumping off waterfalls and fighting vicious bears. It would be great to fling out my bow and arrows in assurance and accuracy at every menacing surrounding noises.

Yet, fear holds us back from a lot of things in life. The terror of the unknown, the uncertainty of the future or the possibility of an unfavorable outcome tends to stop want-to- be-warriors in their tracks! This is upsetting. Warriors were meant to strap up their battle armor – not cower in fear, afraid to move.

I tie everything back to Biblical concepts because of my Christian roots; but, what would have happened if David was too nervous to face the giant Goliath? What would have taken place if Joshua ignored God’s charge to ‘Be strong and courageous’? What if Queen Esther was too afraid to confront her husband, the King?bra

Fear is mind numbing; but, it should never hold us back. After all, dear one – God has “not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

If you have to repeat this to yourself – do it. We were all made to be like Merida –galloping forth with confidence, joy and promise.

You are a child of promise – never forget that.   And promise, sweet one, is greater than fear. It trumps fear and laughs at it boldly in the face. Saddle up, sit on faith and ride forward. Let the breeze blow your hair back. Be brave – you have a reason to be.

Whatever will come our way, through fire or pouring rain. We won’t be shaken. No we won’t be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings, together we’ll rise and sing. That we won’t be shaken. No we won’t be shaken.  – Building 429


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