Baylor University – Quite Possibly The Best College Ever.


The Homecoming Parade circa 2007.

I bleed green. Not really – but my allegiance is defiantly to the Green and Gold, Baylor University that is.

Although there is not a football game today, I will still Baylor represent. I think it’s good to educate non-Baylorites about the rich history of BU.

Quick facts about the Green and Gold:

Chartered in 1885 by the Republic of Texas: that’s right – Baylor is the oldest operating university in the great state of Texas. That is pretty awesome.

Kenneth Starr: he is our current president. Starr served as a federal Court of Appeals judge and as solicitor general for George H. W. Bush. He received the most publicity for his tenure as independent counsel while Bill Clinton was U.S. president. Wow, super awesome.

Green and Gold: these are our school colors. A little color psychology – green is the color of growth, balance and harmony; whereas gold represents wealth, prosperity, wisdom.

Dr. Pepper Hour: since 1953 students have enjoyed this delightful Dr. Pepper social float hour every Tuesday. It’s all you can eat/drink. Delicious!

Big XII Conference: Baylor is the one of two private schools in the Big 12. Sic ‘em! TCU is the other private one. Does that really count?

BU Boots

This is acceptable on campus. Buy these Texas boots, here.

Live Bears on Campus: Grrr – I mean, really. The bears names are Lady and Joy. How classy!

Sic ‘em: How awesome is it to hold up your bear claw at games!? In 1960, Baylor’s yell leaders introduced the “Bear Claw” hand signal, made by slightly curving all five fingers inward to form a claw, and the “Sic ‘Em Bears” yell.

RG3: Heisman Trophy – and Washington Redskins. Need I say more?

The largest and longest collegiate parade in the nation: yep – and it’s a unique experience. Larger than life floats at every turn on Homecoming day, this parade is a crowd pleaser.

SING: basically Broadway performances by fraternities and sororities – who have practiced all YEAR for the title of SING Champs.

So more than three cheers for the GREEN and GOLD.

Sic’em and beat OU next week.

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