Great Christmas Gifts For Women – Under $25


Buy these Christmas tags here. They are super cute and would add Christmas cheer to any gift under the tree.

If you are like the rest of the planet, you are thinking about your Christmas list. It’s sad – Thanksgiving just comes and goes too fast {not to mention – Christmas is hyped up in stores just way too soon.}

I have a little yellow notebook with a chart of all my gifts and names of receivers, so I can keep track. I would suggest this – it helps. And, I continually add to it. Yikes.

As the list of names continues to grow, so does the need for money in your pocketbook. We are not all money bags. Although, that is a great thought. Christmas is expensive. That is just a simple fact. And your expenses will take a hit – if you are not careful with your gift giving.

This economy is not the greatest – Americans in all spectrums of the money wheel will testify to that. And, there is no shame in giving gifts on a budget. That is called smart thinking. Thank goodness for quality gifts at discount prices. You can still be a fabulous gift giver if you think frugally. In this post I compiled a great list of inexpensive Christmas gifts that women are sure to love! Why, because I am a woman and I compiled this list!

So – thrifty men, if you are reading {which may be wishful thinking} please follow this guide below. It’s only a guide – gentle suggestions if you will. I’m just trying to help from pricey Christmas sweater disasters.

These gifts are food for thought when purchasing gifts for your mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, special lady…etc.


2 thoughts on “Great Christmas Gifts For Women – Under $25

  1. decorative hampers for any event says:

    The act of helping you when you cannot afford
    Christmas presents can be an immeasurable gift to the giver, as
    well. She will always smell just the way you like and
    she will be very happy to think that you always
    remember what she likes. I have given some of these items on my
    list as Christmas presents myself and believe me, they were not appreciated.

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