Wedding Shoes – on a Budget

If you have been married, I don’t have to tell you this – but the money adds up pretty quickly. You go from throwing a nice intimate gathering (so you think) to inviting the neighbor’s dog (kidding, but that is how it feels looking at the receipts!).

In order to be a savvy bride, you learn to save even the smallest amount of dinero.

One way you can do this is finding some budget friendly shoes. Now, I have not found just the right shoes – yet. So – warning (but my wedding is months and months away).

But there are some pretty cute options out there online. And, by the looks of the prices, they are pretty affordable.

I mean, if you are a Jimmy Choo name brand aficionado, these picks are not for you. But, if you are a savvy bride who realizes: you will probably just wear these lined lace babies once, this post is for you!

Learn to save in the tiniest areas. However, don’t sacrifice price over comfort. You want your feet to be comfy (as possible) as you dance the night away. As girls, we all know that heels are not ‘comfy.’ Read my previous post on high heel pain relief here. 

Anyway, I tried to encompass a lot of different looks in these samples shoes: lace, pop of color, plain white, beach babe sandals, glitter princess, sparkle peep toe and kitten heels. The links are below and under the picture in a caption.

Lace Heels – Modcloth $40 

Kitten Heel – $40

Sparkle Peep Toe – $22 

Sparkle Flats – $34

Pop of Color – Modcloth $33

Plain White – Dorothy Perkins $35

Beach Babe Sandals- JC Penny $40

Browse these choices – maybe you will find that perfect shoe for the best day of your life. Also, as a side note, Etsy has a lot of cute, unique affordable options too. Cute choices, here.


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