5 Things That Will Make You Happy Today

  1. This is a given – Pharrell Williams – Happy.

Listen to this song. Watch the video. I mean, get up and dance to it. You are blessed! How can this not make you happy? if you don’t want to move to this song, smile or jump for joy – you are super lame. C’mon, move your feet and thank God for his beautiful promises!

  1. This Banana Dog.

From the company, Home Grown Foods, this little guy is sure to put a smile on your face and add some fruity goodness in your hearts! He is super cute and reminds you to eat your fruits and veggies.

bananna dog

  1. This gigantic human smile.

People joined together for one purpose – to form a smile! This is like the ultimate reminder to put on a happy face. You can listen to the song, here, if you did not get the reference.

human smile

  1. Any type of bear hug!

From Teddy Bears to this baby sloth, we all love bear hugs. Maybe not in the wild, but look how cuddly and cute this little guy is giving his teddy a big squeeze!

bear hugs

  1. Only the cutest Disney animal ever – Meeko!

You may not agree with me, but this little biscuit cheek cutie from Pocahontas is sure to brighten any day.



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