Book Review: Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run

running-like-a-girlYou want to read an inspiring book? Look no further that this one here. Typically when I look for inspiration it is not in running books. I don’t run. I don’t like it at all. I am more of the yoga, elliptical type.

However, reading this book made me want to enjoy the great outdoors a little bit more. In fact, after reading this book this weekend, I’ve been walking every day.

Alexandra Heminsley is an inspiration. She very wittingly takes you on a journey through her life where she goes from thinking she cannot be a runner to completing 5 marathons.

I could not even contemplate that. Reading her book, makes you feel like you are actually jogging the trails with her. Which might actually be a downside because you really should get your body moving.

She vividly describes the scenery around her and discovers herself just why she loves running so much. This book is about passion. It is about drive. I guarantee that after reading this book, you will feel like you can climb Mount Fiji.

She teaches you that pain is mostly mental. And, you can really push your body to extreme limits (there are boundaries of course). I closed the cover of this book feeling a sense of fervor and a burning desire to set new goals.

In addition to stirring your emotions, the author really goes in depth about running equipment – shoes, sports bras, hair clips…etc. This book is for the novice, as well as, the experienced runner.

I would encourage you to pick up this book today or order it on Amazon. You will not regret it, and it is an excellent weekend pool read. Get the book online here and follow the author on Twitter here.


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