The 5 Best Affordable Lip Glosses

lipssticlI don’t know about you; but, finding a good, affordable lip gloss is a real challenge. I have a stockpile of dollar store gems and, frankly, unusable chap sticks too. I’ve gone through a trial and error stage. Buying several kinds and marking the good ones and chunking the bad ones.

So, you should take this little list to heart. I will not lead you astray when it comes to affordable lipgloss. Seriously, these types below are good for day time use – as well as, for that formal party! They are ranked from #1, being the best to #5 my least favorite (but, still admirable and worth a try!)

1. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker

Now, you don’t have to let your childhood slip through your fingertips. Buy this popular flavor and get a great daytime color. You typically think of lip gloss as sheer; however, this little stick of goodness has a really beautiful light color to it. So, you will get the yummy taste of Dr. Pepper and that hint of red hue. And the $1.99 price tag at Walgreens really can’t be beat!

2. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

A little bit more pricey at $3.49 (but, c’mon way affordable) is the lip shimmer. These are made from 100% natural ingredients including vitamin E and coconut and sunflower oils and they come in 5 different colors. Wow! This is a gloss that I make sure is a staple in my purse pocket.


No joke. This is currently in my purse!

3. Bare Minerals ‘Marvelous Moxie’

Okay – this is $18. It was a Christmas gift from my mom; but, it has become one of my favorite lip glosses of all time. It is available in many, many shades of color. It’s lasts a really long time. I use this gloss a lot – and still have not had to buy a new one (from Christmas!). It is worth giving a try.

4. Bath and Body Works ‘Ultra Mentha’

Hello breath freshener and lip gloss in one! At $7.50 a bottle, this little gloss is perfect. It is a peppermint flavor that will give you a lasting breath-freshener! I discovered this little gem in high school and love it to this day. If you are a mint lover, this is the gloss for you.

5. Benetint

So, this is not a gloss – but it is awesome. It will color your lips for a long lasting stay. Created by two sisters, they truly know what women want – all day color. You can get a sample size for $8. And trust me, you really don’t need more than a sample size to begin with!



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