4 Simple Tips That Will Help You Stick to a Diet

grapesSummer is here, and that means those bikini bodies need to be in top condition. However, if you’ve had a cold winter – like the northeast, you might just be peeling off those layers and wondering, what happened!?

You can’t sip on that warm sugary cocoa anymore. It’s time for chilled coconut water and pool side grilled chicken. I think it’s a fair trade.

At any rate, here are some tips that help keep me on the straight and narrow during the spring and summer seasons:

Sparkling Water with Frozen Fruit

Coke (excuse me, I am from Texas – and soft drinks are known as just ‘coke’ there) but – it’s horrible for you. Gross. I recently watched a video of a woman literally cooking it over the stove and once the water evaporated, it was not a pretty picture – it contained loads of dripping sugar.

So, it’s off limits while dieting and should be just in general because it’s nasty for your temple. This also includes diet drinks. Think about how many ingredients are in that Diet Pepsi (I choose Pepsi, because that is my weakness.) Swap your soft drinks for sparkling water – and to make it fancy add some frozen fruit, fresh lemons or mix up a little half iced tea and half sparkle water.

Just Lace Up Those Shoes

I find that if I get into my comfy clothes after work and just walk around my apartment in the sky barefoot that I am way less motivated to get moving. However, if I change out of my work clothes, put on some yoga pants, T and tennis shoes, I am so more likely to go on a stroll, jog or jump on that elliptical.

Look at Inspiration Pictures

I’ve tried to with and without – especially at work. Look at pictures of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. It just helps plain and simple. Those cookies in the work kitchen or candy in the bowl look less than tasty when you see motivational quotes to get your tush moving or pictures of hardcore yogis.

Post your Meals on Social Media

Seriously, post your meals on Instagram (maybe not Facebook – that could get annoying). People can get over seeing delicious meals on their feed every now and then. And, it not only holds you accountable to your little community of people on your social media platform of choice, it might just inspire someone else as well. Spreading the clean eat goodness around!


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