Joy – The Kind That Slaps You in The Face

joy slappingJoy – the kind that slaps you in the face with its wet, cool goodness on a steamy summer day. Lapping up the earthy stream from the water hose, I want this joy to infuse my being with nourishment and rejuvenating relief.

He stills my spirit and waters my weary heart. Like a child that cannot wait one second to plunge into the deep blue pool, I want to drive into the joy of the Lord. Discarding the life preservers on the side of the concrete oasis, I will trust in Him – to protect, defend and enable me in depths of life.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.”—Nehemiah 8:10.

He fills our hearts with not just gladness – but complete delight. That is the kind of joy I want to feel. The sensation that encapsulates the deepest happiness and comprises the guttural laughs of relatives reliving precious memories late into the night!

“You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound.” – Psalm 4:7

True pure pleasure comes in the presence of Christ. The pleasure that you felt as a child, running soaking wet through the sprinklers in the lawn! That fresh cut grass sticking to your toes and calves – clinging onto your body as you run from tree to tree.

May your goodness and joy cling hold of my life today and always, God! Cover me with your brilliant blooms of new life and enliven my spirit. I don’t want to splash in the warm puddles, heated by your favor and blessings; I want to dive headfirst into the wonder and majesty of you.

As I enter into your beautiful presence, fill me with your complete joy.


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