Carrying That Cumbersome Cross


The cross. It has never been described as easy to bear; but cumbersome. Those two pieces of crude, rough lumber symbolize everything to those who call themselves a Christ follower. Those logs of wood were stained with crimson blood, spit on by deceitful crooks – yet also aided by a weary, hopeful soul.

Burdens upon burdens were thrust on that crucifix. Every step the sovereign one tread was painful under the weight of those difficulties of darkness – our sins; but he pressed on – with love in his heart and that vision to fulfill his Father’s plan and will.

That will did not consist of those slippery puddles of stagnant water crossed to get up on that hill of despair. It not contain those silver nails or excruciating death. His vision was focused on the resurrection – the shining purity of new life, indwelled by the Holy Spirit and overcoming the grave.

The Father was glorified in the shedding of the grungy grave cloths. His plan was fulfilled after the King of Kings touched heaven and overcame the pain of the cross. As the beautiful angels proclaimed,

He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying. – Matthew 28:6

The world is a turntable covered in messy, wet clay. More and more we sense that this planet is shrouded in the night and only illuminated by the stars, moon and the sun.

It is my prayer that I serve as a star in the vacant sky of this world. Troubles – they are all around us – hiding under bridges and tucked away in pretty packages with a fluffy bow. These troubles weigh us down. But, steadfast one – think on the cross of Christ. Remember the road to Golgotha. It was bleak and troublesome.

May we stand with feet cemented to the truth of God’s words. May be wave a banner that notes the shining beauty of the Lord! Drink from the fountain of grace – look the scoffers in the face and surely say,

Savior, worthy of honor and glory, worthy of all our praise, You overcame. Jesus, awesome in power forever – awesome and great is Your name, You overcame. – Jeremy Camp – Overcome Lyrics


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