When Control Hinders Our Lives

DESSERTSIt’s a struggle in all human hearts. That raging red fire of control resides in each one of us. We like to try and manage situations and people. However, it’s a futile effort. In the end, we just end up frustrated and bothered.

You see, we are not puppet masters. Our lives cannot be contained by the control we assert over ourselves and other people.

We must put our trust in the one who ultimately should direct our paths – and the paths of others.

Handing over control is monumental. It takes full surrender and self-sacrifice. You are placing your living, breathing life into the hands of another. And, it’s frightening.

Yet this person you are giving full control to is sovereign, good and perfect. He tells us not to fear; for his love casts out all fear.

Breathe a deep sigh of relief. Though you still make decisions (good or bad in your own freewill), you can rest assured that if you trust him and put your life in his hands, he will surely not disappoint and protect you from the enemy’s snare.

“My life is in your hands. My heart is in your keeping. I’m never without hope – not when my future is with you. My life is in your hands, and though I may not see clearly. I will lift my voice and sing – because your love does amazing things. Lord, I know, my life is in your hands.” – Kathy Troccoli

Release control, dear one. It’s in your best interest. Look and rely on the words your LORD has given to you. He will be your shied, your compass, your counselor and friend. You will receive so much peace when you release the reigns on the harness of your life.

“Tell everyone who is discouraged, Be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue…” Isaiah 35:4

Let God lead you into the pastures of his will and his goodness. Praise the LORD along the way.

You will not always feel comfortable on this journey; but, that heart will no longer fret. For you no longer lead your life, God the Father does – and he is leading you into his light.


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