A Letter To My Unborn Son

il_fullxfull.1040861689_kawxWhen I first found out you were going to be a little boy, I was happy. I was ecstatic. I had always dreamed of having a little gentleman. Yet, being raised without a brother, fear started to set in as the time ticked by. Will I be enough for this precious child? Will my love be adequate? Will I know how to teach him to be strong and courageous in the LORD?

These are things that I have been praying for endlessly, little one. As I feel you move in my tummy, I think about the man that God is creating you to be – bold like a lion, wise like a leader and a kindhearted giver.

Dear son, God has his hand on your life – and that truth is beautiful to me. Your flesh has been spoken for and the King of Kings has called you by name. I have never experienced the blessing of carrying one of God’s children in my womb before; but this experience and the joy it gives me is unending.

Sure, there are days, that it’s hard to carry another life in my body. You realize your mortal nature and limits. But, when I think about the unique and separate life God is forming in me – it brings tears to my eyes. That cannot be matched.

God chooses to make warriors from feeble flesh and bone. He chooses to breathe his life into temples prone to break and shatter. He chooses to crown the unworthy with his pearls of wisdom. And, sweet son, I desire for God to crown you with his precious gifts.

I pray that you desire to seek your Creator. That I will be able to emulate an untamed passion for the Savior of our lives! May God guard my lips and make me into a vessel that only speaks pleasing and positive words over your life.

From birth, I pray you feel God’s breath wash over your body. May you feel his love burst forth over your heart and mind. As we hold you right out of the womb – may you feel God’s love beating from our chests onto yours – for you are our miracle!

More than anything in this world, I want you to comprehend God’s never-ending love for you. I want you to seek out his word and follow where his spirit is leading you.

Like King David, I will pray every day for you to truly be a man that chases after God’s heart. May you dream dreams and see visions like the prophets of old. Sweet boy, I pray for your relationship with the Maker of All Good Things.

From the moment of conception, he has been calling you by name, sweet one. May your ears be tuned to truly listen for his voice and your eyes open to see the goodness of the LORD of Hosts.

We look forward to physically seeing and holding the perfection that is you – formed by the hands of the Master Artist.


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