The Evil One Parades Like a Clown

Forget the clowns and all their shallow happiness. Follow Christ’s crown – for it embodies a joy and assurance that can never be extinguished..jpgThe Evil One parades like a clown – with colors of enticement and balloons of worldly thrills. He dances, draped in his funny outfit, to the clanging cymbals that drown out our heavenly vision. These shrill clashing sounds mask our focus and they fix our attention on the circus of fake smiles.

This sinister circus presents itself daily to us – in the form of social media, peer pressure, television shows, advertisements and the like. We are exposed to the counterfeit form of joy – and imitations will always leave us feeling empty, unsatisfied and cheated.

Dear one –don’t lose sight of the arid skin hidden under the caked theatrical makeup of the clowns. This facade washes off with water. The flags the Evil One waves are – comparison, self-doubt and immorality. He wants you to accept the culture and indulge in the bombardment of self and artificial joy.

After all, self-improvement is preached as a remedy to all that ails us. We buy mounds of books that charge us to be the best version of ourselves; however, we cannot be the best version of ourselves if we don’t know who we are – and have not meditated, memorized and given our lives over to the Word that breathes the fullest life into our bones.

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life. – John 6:63

Darling – the best version of yourself is breathing in Jesus, walking the path he has set before you, denying self-absorbent, and fixing our eyes on things that would please his heart. We were given a charge to be his light to the world. This light can only be ignited if we truly take up our cross and follow him.

May we aim to follow and worship him daily – singing songs of praise and abandonment; because we are not our own. We are a new creation. Promise has been painted in the sky over our lives. Look up at that promise – and discern the colors fashioned from God’s unique palate to give us a hope and a future.

March forward toward your promise. Seek the Prince of Peace with all your heart, and you will not have to waste your time trying to figure out who you are and how you can improve your life.

Wave your flag forcefully – for it is coated in the blood that was shed for you. This banner is priceless. Treasure it with your life.

Be bold, be brave, do not fear insignificance. That is a word that will never define you. You are significant in Christ. Meditate on the text reserved for you. It was meant for you. Get lost in his letters, and feel our sweet, mighty King speaking these promises over you.

If you feel you are inadequate, worthless, or not enough, you didn’t get those ideas from God.  – Lisa Bevere 

Forget the clowns and all their shallow happiness. Follow Christ’s crown – for it embodies a joy and assurance that can never be extinguished.




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