Yoga – 30 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of our Yoga 30 Day challenge. I got this lovely video from Pop Sugar Fitness. I would highly recommend this YouTube channel, if you are looking for some great workouts.

This one is about 30 minutes in length and it is an all-over body workout. So, it’s a nice Vinyassa flow – but simple enough for beginners. Hope you enjoy this video. Let me know how you’d like it with a comment below.

Will be doing this yoga sequence tonight after work. Namaste! Stick to it, ladies.


Yoga – 30 Day Challenge

Holidays mean – cookies, cakes and candy (even if they are gluten free) they can make you sluggish and help those pounds pack on. I am a little late to the New Year’s resolution making; but, here is my challenge to myself: 30 days of yoga!

For those of you that work long hours like me, this is really going to be difficult; but, we can do it. Aim for about a 20-25 minute video a day. I will post my videos daily, on this blog (so you can do those!)

Let’s pump ourselves back into shape. Yoga is the perfect exercise for stress, flexibility and weight loss. You can do this from your apartment or house. All you need is a yoga mat. Super easy. Wake up 30 minutes early every morning – and get to work.

Start today with this awesome video: (and, we will officially start the challenge tomorrow!)