Day 3: Paleo Princess – Jalapeño Turkey Burgers

ImageGood Morning Paleo Beauties. Sorry about not posting yesterday {work calls – this is real life}, but let’s pick up back right where we started.

I still hope you ate paleo yesterday. It’s not hard – fruits, nuts, meats and veggies. It just takes willpower and a goal. What is not to like about munching on some of nature’s finest foods!?

Wake Up: Start your day with a hot cup of lemon water {this is supposed to cleanse the body}. Lemon is a detoxifier {read this post for more information.} Sip on this cup of goodness this morning and chill even if just for a few minutes. Think of all that God has blessed you with and that you are thankful for!

Drink Up: You should have had 16 oz before you walk out the door for work, grocery stores, parks {wherever your life takes you}. Sip on water all day. Remember NO soft drinks. Artificial sweetener is not your friend.

Snack On: Today I am snacking on cucumbers, celery and a Lara Bar. This should keep my desk stomach grumbles at bay today. {Always keep some kind of nut or a small apple handy too – maybe in your purse}.

turkey burgers

Such delicious taste! I also added 1/2 of a avocado.

Lunch Recipe: Now for the new lunch recipe – Jalapeno Turkey Burgers! This is simple to make, you will want to make it the night before {for lunch the next day}.

You will need: 1 lb of lean ground turkey, ¼ a cup of sliced jalapenos, 2 garlic cloves and 1 tbsp. of olive oil.

Make sure the meat is thawed – and dump it in a mixing bowl. Put the jalapenos and garlic into the food processor and pulse until the mix is thoroughly blended together. Add this to the meat in the bowl and use your hands to knead in the spicy mixture.

On the skillet, pour the olive oil into the frying pan. Form little patties with the meat.  And cook your patties for about 5 minutes or until golden in color. Yum – a Texas Turkey Burger! Wrap in romaine lettuce for bread.

Dinner Diva: I am making something light tonight – because the burger is rather heavy. Having a green shake and some veggies on a platter!

Workout Video: Let’s focus on our arms tonight. You are definitely sore from the other nights. So, this will give us time to focus on another muscle group.


Day 2: Paleo Princess – Apple Chicken Salad

day 2 paleoHello Beauties and welcome to day 2 of the challenge. How are you feeling? It is normal to feel hungry – but just think about how great your body is going to feel after this cleanse process!? YES. ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

Any way – follow this little eating plan today. This morning was tight on time for me, so I grabbed a Lara Bar. Love these because they are gluten free and are packed with protein. Yum. They will keep you full for a long while. No hungry tummies at work.

I will be snacking on grapefruit and nuts today. It is unbelievable how much these treats fill you up. Love the sweetness of the grapefruit and the crunch of the nuts {cashews are my favorite}.

Today – I made an Apple Chicken Salad {paleo} for lunch with homemade ranch dressing. It is so simple to make and so natural. I actually feel like I am filling up my body with goodness with every bite.

You will need: 2 small apples, 1 large chicken breast {you can use canned chicken too}, 2 tbsp. low fat mayo, romaine lettuce and salt and pepper to taste.


Fab Apple Chicken Lunch!

For the ranch, you will need: ½ cup cashews, 1 cup coconut milk {or skim – have not eliminated all dairy yet}, 1 tbsp. of chives, ½ tsp of garlic powder, ½ tsp of dill.

The salad is simple. Chop up the apples and the chicken in little chunks. Add mayo and fold this in with a large fork or mixing spoon. Sprinkle in salt and pepper {maybe a hint of garlic powder} and put on a bed of lettuce. You are done – and this is your yummy lunch.

For the dressing – you will need a food processor. Dump in the cashews – and pulse until it is a paste. Add in the milk and herbs and pulse again. Yay – your ranch is complete and it’s pretty darn good too.

Tonight, after your salad with veggies and grilled chicken, let’s focus on our legs and caboose.

Here is a good workout that will leave you sore – but the good kind of sore. Enjoy – and remember to drink your water. This is very important.

workout 2

Day 1: Paleo Princess – Avocado Egg Salad Wraps

ImageGood Morning – and welcome to the first day of the PALEO CHALLENGE.

I am stoked; I really hope you are too. I have posted a meal plan for today and will teach you a new recipe each day. Fun! For breakfast, you can find the recipe to the health smoothie, here.

This is really simple to make in the morning. Just throw all these ingredients in the blender and you are done. Plain and simple.

While you are making this, dance to a upbeat song in the kitchen. Get your heart pumping.I love to dance to this song – for the girls out there!

Also, do not cheat on the water. Did you know that your body is made up of 60% water? Feed your body with H20. You will shed weight gulping this life nectar.


This is your yummy lunch!!!

For the Avocado Egg Salad Wrap, you will need: 3 cage-free hard boiled eggs, 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard, 1 ripe avocado, garlic powder and 3 large romaine lettuce leaves. {salt and pepper to taste}.

In a small mixing bowl, add in the sliced up eggs, mustard, avocado and garlic – mash this up with a large fork. Then spread this filling on the lettuce leaves. It’s that easy. Natural and gluten free – a paleo lunch.

I put this in a little container to take to work! Snacks consist of – nuts and fruit. You can do both. For today, I’ve chosen an apple and cashews.

If you need to eat more because you are starved {this will probably happen early on}, just munch on veggies – these are really guilt free. Chew on cucumbers, celery, grape tomatoes. Yum – so good for you!

Also, here (below) is a workout for you to do today. Please do it. It will take all of 35 minutes. And drink plenty of water when you are done.

20 Day Paleo Challenge


Dallas, enjoying the Christmas cheer.

Happy December 1st! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Last night, I decorated my apartment with Christmas cheer.

I bought a live tree from a small business {yesterday was small business Saturday, after all.}

There is something just magical about having a real pine tree in your home. The scents of the season are absolutely heavenly.

You really can’t frown when you have a 7 foot tree sparkling white bright lights and pine scented candles glowing in the window.

Anyway, onto my real post for the day…The 20 Day Paleo Challenge!

I have wanted to try this for a while – so this month {before Christmas}, I am getting on the bandwagon. Maybe not the cross fit bandwagon; but, the Paleo and YouTube workout one.

Every day, I will post a meal plan and workout. You can join me if you like – on this challenge leading up to Christmas. I made it 20 days, because who wants to deny themselves holiday treats around Christmas, don’t do this to yourself. But hopefully, you will be feeling leaner by December 21st – so you can really enjoy the holiday season and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Just to be clear – we are doing this December 2nd – December 21st. I will post my meal plan early tomorrow morning with a workout video. Who’s with me?


Read about the Paleo Diet, here.

BONUS: Also – this is a bonus to the post. It’s the beginning of the month of Jesus’ birth – advent season. This is the true meaning of the season. Here is a link to scripture reading for every Sunday.