He Wanted Us – And That’s The Most Amazing Thing

God didn’t need us. He wanted us – and that’s the most amazing thing. – Rick Warren.jpgYou stretched out your mighty hands and made the land beneath our feet. All sensation between my toes in the summer months is from you, Mighty Savior.

Your majestic voice spoke, and this world appeared from the darkness. My life is filled with colors, night, day, oceans and rocky terrain because of your artistic and creative mind.

You formed us. You didn’t have to; but, you did – and you breathed life into our bones.

God, you want us. You do not need us; but you want us.

God didn’t need us. He wanted us, and that’s the most amazing thing. – Rick Warren

You gathered dust and created man. From man’s side you formed woman in your image. What a humbling truth to digest – you want us.

“So God created man in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1:27

How honored we should feel to be chosen by you to carry out your eternal plan. You, in all your glory, want to live through us and desire to inhabit our souls. You chose us – picked us out; and made us in your image – to do good works for the Kingdom of God.

May we fulfill this calling you have for us, Sweet Savior and proclaim your majesty from the mountaintops and rooftops that our God reigns!

We have a God – that handpicked us. We desperately need him – for Power, O God, belongs to you!

I praise you for giving life and breath and everything else, LORD. May we live each day with your praises flowing out of our mouths – like bubbling fountains.

May the fountain of my mouth sing, ‘All praise, honor, glory, power to you!”


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