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Check out this cute, little newsletter. It feeds your faith, life and provides yummy tips on healthy food!

Today is a great opportunity for you and a little something new I am trying for my blog. Say hello to a weekly newsletter. Sometimes you can’t catch every single post on Trading Paper Crowns, but now you can with just one single e-mail.

You can get yummy recipes, decorating ideas, spiritual encouragement and health tips sent directly to your little inbox! What a joy! You can simply forward these e-mails to friends and family members – because sharing is caring.

The newsletter will feature a faith, lovely life and health section every week. Not to mention, a memory Bible verse for the week and an internet deal at the bottom of the page.


You can even read it on your phone!

Please sign up to receive e-mails from this blog (top right hand side of the website) and, I can add you to the email list.

Or if you’d like to leave a little comment for me below this post with your email address, feel free, and I will add you to the newsletter list. Another option is e-mail me at So many options to get on the list!

Life is about encouraging one another. It’s about loving God and others. I truly hope this little e-mail will bless your week and spur you on to share the Lord’s goodness with others – whether it be by health, fitness, motivating words or simply a smile.

Sign up today! I am going to send one out this afternoon – so make sure you are on the list.



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