Holding the Reins in a Whirlwind

ImageDo you ever feel caught up in a whirlwind? You feel encircled by a violent air fury that blows your hair in tangles. You keep your eyes open – looking forward, but the wind stings your eyes. It’s almost like you cannot catch your breath. You are exhausted.

Life can be like a whirlwind sometimes. Like riding a galloping horse, the breeze whips you in the face, and you are shaken.  You grasp onto the reins tightly – afraid you will tumble off the horse. You are not only set back by the speed, but the intensity forces you to grip on for your life!

However, Dear One, do not fret – for your God holds the reins! He is the master horseman, and He rides with you into the dark battle of life. He illuminates the forest, makes the trails smooth – and the sound of His voice calms the hooves of the horse.

The hard breeze may scare you, but you have a Father that is in control. He wants you to overcome the whirlwind of fury with grace and His strength! Let God hold tightly to the reins of your life. Let him speak peace to your worrisome mind. There is no need for unnecessary calloused hands! Remember, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) Trust Him always.


Almighty God,

I will trust you when I am afraid. Please erase the doubt and uncertainty in my heart. You are the Maker of All – and you want the best for me. I look up to you in times of trouble, and you always smile at me and relieve my worries. Thank you for your constant protection.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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