Grace and Ocean Sinking

ImageThese lyrics hit me hard today, If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking. The thought of sinking is frightful. Frankly, it turns my stomach in knots to think of plunging into a deep, dark, choppy ocean. Not only do I have a fear of what lies beneath: sharks, jellyfish and jagged shells; but, the thought of being alone without any sign of land inspires anxiety.

However, thinking on God’s grace and sinking into it awakens a different feeling. It provides a picture of immense safety and support. I want to sink into God’s overflowing grace. It humbles me just how much he thrusts his grace on us. We stumble, we fall. We are clay pots – broken vessels of mud. But, God says Swim in my grace. You will not drown. Sink into my whirlpool of mercy.

Oh how He loves us! I am unworthy of His love; yet, He gives it to me freely. Thank you God for this grace, love and mercy! You inspire hope and joy to this weary heart of mine.


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