Prisoner of Hope

prisoner of hopeA prisoner of hope – that’s an interesting concept. It’s a mixture of a negative word and a very positive one.  A prison or a jail cell conjures up feelings of hopelessness, ensnarement or wrongdoing. Whereas, hope spells out expectation or desire!

How beautiful to be a prisoner of hope – or to be entrapped by a desire for the one true God! We live in a state of hope where the bars of this striking promise have truly pervaded and changed our lives for the better. Just like inmates are bound by iron bars, we are bound by the promises of Christ.

When we choose to follow him and live for him, he wraps his bounteous blessings around us. They are tied around our neck – and we are encased in a house of God’s goodness.

Let’s live as prisoners of hope and walk with shackles of faith. For this type of entanglement does not trip us up or make our walk heavy. It only lightens the load and creates a joy that can never be quenched. It’s time to take a dramatic step – as a prisoner of God’s hope!

Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope; today I declare that  I will restore to you double. (Zechariah 9:12)


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