10 Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Blow Your Diet

skinny coffeeI, like most women in America, love Starbucks drinks. I trick myself into just liking black coffee. But, c’mon who I am a fooling?

The pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream is not bad. It’s delightful. That rich gingerbread latte at Christmas fills my senses with such a childlike aroma. It’s incredible. And that peppermint mocha – heaven!

However, as good as they taste, I know they are not good for my body. They add heaping extra calories and really too much sugar. They leave me feeling sluggish and bloated. Not really the ideal feeling for a health conscious person.

I found this chart on Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans – it’s wonderful. Now, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks, but really choose the ones that are best for your diet. Don’t blow your diet on a sugary drink – especially when there are healthy options out there.

This is just 10 choices. I bet you could also create more. Be creative. Skip the sugar and fatty cream. You will end up feeling better about yourself and your body.



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