5 Purse Essentials for Every Working Woman

purseOne thing, among many, I like about being a woman is – you get to carry your purse around and pack it with goodies.

You can have a clunky key-chain. It doesn’t weigh you down; you just throw it in your purse. Fling that sweet designer bag over your shoulder and you are ready to save the world with the contents (well, kind of).

Below are 5 things I think are a must for every working woman’s purse. You may debate me; however, all of these things have come in handy for me from time-to-time.

Travel or Compact Makeup

Does your face get oily – or maybe you just work long hours? If so, having that little touch up you need it necessary! Invest in a makeup compact like this one. It is a lifesaver and will come in handy on long days or days that you need a little more cover-up.

Breath mints or Peppermints

Let’s face it; we don’t all have minty fresh breath especially after eating that tuna salad in the cafeteria for lunch. Yep, not everyone wants a whiff of your fish breath. It is nice to have these available to pop in your mouth after lunch or a cup of coffee.

Shout wipes or Tide ‘to-go’ pens

You will spill something on yourself at one time or another. So, you may think – gosh, I never use this shout wipe, then before a meeting that coffee cup leaks and you are left with a brown spot on your white shirt. You will be thankful you have this as a purse backup.

Granola Bar or Light Snack

Sometimes there is no food to be found. And, your stomach grumbles. You think you are going to die if you don’t ingest something soon. If you have a small granola bar or pack of nuts in your purse, then you can actually subdue those hunger pangs until dinner or you scavenge some food at work.


It’s like a napkin in a travel case and extremely helpful when sneezing and blowing your nose. Without fail, you will have a runny nose and will be stoked to remember you have some tissues in your purse.


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