5 Things Julia Child Can Teach Present Day Women

julie child

Yes, the famous kitchen!

What better way to excel in a particular hobby than to study someone who totally rocked in that area of life?

For this past year, cooking really has developed into a passion of mine. Artistic by nature, painting and writing have always been loves of mine. But, I never thought cooking would take up a permanent residence in my heart.

Cooking is creative, fun and a stress reliever. It is nice to come home, relax and absorb the rich smells of the kitchen. You really can get lost in this moving feeling. Cinnamon, rosemary, cilantro – such full scents and bold flavors!

Recently, I went to the American History Museum – and saw Julia Child’s kitchen. It was super cool. I am not typically into looking at cooking exhibits, but it was simply fantastic {probably because of my new found passion}.

Obviously, she is the face of cooking; but what made her so grand – and what can we take away from Chef Child?

Confidence and Self Worth Are Key

Ladies, this woman was 6’ 2”. She was comfortable in her own skin – and that was exemplified in her television presence. Google pictures of Julia Child. She loved life and was always dressed with a smile. Smiling was her favorite {in the words of Buddy the Elf}. Not to mention, she was always classically feminine.  I like this about her. She wore skirts and aprons. Embrace femininity.

Embrace Being a Career Woman

I bet you did not know that Julia was a research assistant in the Secret Intelligence division of The Office of Strategic Services (OSS.) I know, I was stunned – this woman created a cooking empire – all while being a professional thinker. I think woman in the kitchen get a bad rap sometimes. You can totally be a certified working girl and cook unashamed. That does not mean you advocate barefoot pregnant women in the kitchen.

Always Stay Physically Active

julie child 2

I think this might be her actual height!

Julia died at age 92. She was active. She did not just bathe in buttery lard. This woman moved her keister. In fact, she was a part of a basketball team. No joke. This cooking maven played at her college. She also enjoyed tennis and golf. So, get out and do something physical. Just eating your cooking creations will get you nowhere fast. Also, ladies, don’t aspire to be rail thin either. That is just not healthy.

You Are Never Too Old To Try Something New

Mrs. Child was 37 when she enrolled in culinary school. The woman known for America’s cooking revolution was almost 40 when she stared learning about cooking. If this does not inspire you, I don’t know what will. She was 36 when she started learning a new language. This woman’s hunger for knowledge knew no age limits.

Know What It Takes – Practice & Hard Work

After cooking classes, Julia would cook and experiment in her own kitchen. She was driven to be the best. She was not afraid of a little hard work and elbow grease. She had to work hard to get ahead. She knew a pretty face will only get you so far – but a hard work ethic and mean skills will last a lifetime. She won an Emmy for heaven’s sake!


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