4 Ingredient Gluten Free Cheese Biscuits

ImageMove aside boxed gluten free bread mixes. Now, you can make your own from scratch. I mean, literally from scratch. These moist, delicious gluten free biscuits will melt in your mouth.

Obviously, I love the Chebe brand of gluten free foods {blogged about it here}; however, why use a box when you can make it yourself!?

Ladies and gents, just in time for Thanksgiving – this little biscuit will be perfect for your gluten free guests. So that basket of bread being passed around at the table won’t be so tempting and depressing. Believe me, I know this feeling.

These little morsels will take no time at all to bake. If you are going over to someone’s house for Turkey dinner – bring your own special rolls {no one will care}. No shame.

You will need: 1 cup all-purpose gluten free flour, ½ cup low-fat butter, ½ cup skim Greek yogurt, 1 handful shredded cheddar cheese and garlic powder to taste. {I think this adds a little flavor!}

First, pour your gluten free flour into a mixing bowl. Then add butter {I melted mine in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding it in}. Top off this mixture with the Greek yogurt and mix it up.

Next add in the shredded cheese and sprinkle in some garlic powder. Preheat the oven to 400, while you put the biscuit mix into muffin tins, which are coated in cooking spray.

Put the biscuits into the oven for about 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with some butter on the side. Yum – perfect little cheddar dinner roll.

Eat in moderation. Remember, just because its gluten free does not mean its low-fat. So have a couple – but these are not negative calories.


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