Tuna Patties {Paleo, Gluten Free}


Bottom Left to Right: Tuna in the mixing bowl & patties formed to go on the skillet.

So you overate on Thanksgiving – and now you are trying to do a little cleanse until Christmas holiday season. What a good idea!

I ran across this awesome 30 Day Paleo Challenge – it includes workouts for every day! How great. I am going to take the plunge {for 20 days}, will you join me?

This tuna patty recipe is wonderful for that work lunch or a nutritious dinner.  It is filling and absolutely delicious – a staple on this challenge.

Not to mention, it contains no bread at all! Hallelujah, let the heavens open! Eating clean food {like this challenge offers} is going to make your body feel lighter and leaner.

You will need: 3 cans of light tuna {in water}, 2 organic cage free eggs, 1 heaping tbsp. of dried dill, 1 tsp. coconut oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Open the cans of tuna – and drain the water. Empty the meat into a mixing bowl.

Crack in two cage free eggs. Then add in the dill and salt and pepper. Simple, right?

Mix all these ingredients together. Then you need to form them into little patties. My patties are pictured in this post. On the oven, heat up a frying pan – drop the coconut oil into the pan and let it warm up a decent amount.Image

Once the pan is really hot, place one patty in at a time. Now, the trick for them to stick together {since bread is absent from this mixture} is to cook them a little longer than expected.

Press the patty down into the frying pan with a spatula – making sure all the water is cooking out. Flip like a burger and repeat with the rest.

You are done – I added a little avocado side salad to my tuna patty meal. Enjoy!


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