Are You Drinking Enough Water?

waterDid you know that your body is made up of 60% water? That’s a fact that is somewhat hard to believe, but it’s true. Knowing that, do you think you’re guzzling enough water each day?

I know it’s really hard for me to meet my water goals. I see images on Pinterest of a gallon of water marked for the day with various times to drink up and it discourages me. But is that overkill? Maybe not.

We’ve read and been told for years that 8 glasses of water a day is all you need for your health. However, is this little fact true?

The Mayo Clinic suggests “an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.” Wowsa. So take those 8 glasses and add at least one more glass to your daily total. And men, looks like 8 glasses is a poor excuse for y’all!

Drinking water should not be a chore. Think of it as fueling and cleaning your insides. Try new ways to sneak in a glass of the cold stuff. When you wake up, drink 8 ounces before that daily cup of joe. Attempt to drink a cup before each and every meal. Make a log of when you drink your water.

Put something up on your desk at work or up at home- like this.

We often refer to various soft drinks as the ‘nectar of the gods.’ But, hello – people. Water is a God given gift that was perfectly designed for our health. It nourishes your body not pumps it full of chemicals and sugar.

A whopping 75% of American are chronically dehydrated. That’s because we choose soft drinks over this pure life giving drink. Add lemon to your water or some fresh strawberries for a fruity taste. But, remember it’s super important to drink this up for your health. Let’s make a toast to water!


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