Food Allergies & Halloween {Teal Pumpkin Project}

tealFortunately, I did not find out about my gluten allergy until a year out of college, so Halloween was no big deal to me. I could stuff my face with Kit Kat’s, Twix and Whoppers and not think twice about the contents of the candy. However, not so for kids with serious food allergies!

Halloween, a typically celebratory candy fest, can be heartbreaking to some kids. They want to fit in with their friends and indulge in the goodies; but their diet won’t allow for such indulgences.

Thankfully, this year The Food Allergy Research & Education has launched ‘The Teal Pumpkin Project’ specifically for children with food allergies. How sweet it is!

All you have to do to participate is either buy a teal pumpkin or paint one teal – and offer some non-food items. How simple. Just think about how many allergy prone kids you could be helping.

glow light

How perfect are these light treats!?

Some sample non-food items include: spider rings, pencils, play doh, glow in the dark toys, whistles, kazoos, bracelets, stickers…etc.

Glow lights are super great options. You can buy a pack of 5 at the dollar store – for $1. Great deal.

I am an adult and hate having a food allergy – so I cannot imagine how kids (who want to fit in desperately) feel. This way they can gladly accept a prize at the door and Halloween will seem more like a treat than a trick.

Place a teal pumpkin on your porch this Friday night and make a child with a food allergy happy!

Follow this link to get the little sign to place in your window:


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