A Wave of Republican Red

libertyGet your surf board out. Let’s get ready to ride the wave! Last night, Republicans took the Senate in a wave of crimson red. Though commentators such as Juan Williams did not want to describe it as a wave, it sure was. It was a riptide that washed over the nation. The whole map of the United States was dotted red by the end of the night.

Televisions all over the country donned bright new faces in the Senate such as Joni Ernst in Iowa, David Perdue in Georgia and Thom Tillis in North Carolina. These faces had one common message – let’s get bloated government out of the way and fight for the rights we are given freely under the Constitution.

They valiantly stood up and said, let’s turn this country around. And Americans responded favorably to these cries for freedom. After all, every free citizen should respond well to a charge of liberty!

Surprisingly, Virginia, a race that was thought to be called in minutes, hung on all night and still may go to recount. And even Louisiana spoke up – sending their candidates to a run-off, even though one of those candidates is a 3 term incumbent.

One of the biggest developments (not predicted) of the night was the amount of Republican governors who swept over the country. In fact, Obama’s home state of Illinois was claimed for the GOP. Amazingly in Maryland, typically a blue state, Larry Hogan, the Republican, was donned the winner of the night.

This signifies not just the discontentment of the American people in President Obama’s policies and outright blatant disregard for their needs and wants; but, truly displays the desire for a change.

Too many people have lost their jobs under Obama’s watch. Too many people have lost their healthcare under his ‘free’ government plan. Too many doctors have been driven out of their practices due to this monstrosity that is truthfully costing the taxpayer billions.

Government has run amok under President Obama’s watch. Scandals after scandals have lined the front door of the White House. The lack of leadership has riddled this country with fear and uncertainty. What Reagan once described as the ‘shining city on the hill’ has been convoluted with disease, anger, overrun borders, unemployment and ambiguity.

America has been crimpled due to policies the administration is enforcing executively. And, I, for one am so happy that her people showed up in mass numbers and voted to help themselves reclaim the nation that was built on liberty and justice for all – not handouts, dependency and the cycle of oppression.

This nation, last night, decided to pick up that discarded stripped flag of red, white and blue, wipe the dust off and wave it proudly for all to see. America is still the land of opportunities and prosperity –despite what others may try to mold it in to. Its strength is not in an iron fist; but its brawn lies in the faces and hands of free individuals that thirst and hunger for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Check out all the election results on FoxNews.com.


2 thoughts on “A Wave of Republican Red

  1. Nick Normal says:

    Iowa’s 2010 midterm recorded 1,089,901 votes for Senator.
    Iowa’s 2014 midterm recorded 1,124,245 votes for Senator.

    Grassley won in 2010 with 718,215 votes; Joni Ernst won in 2014 with 586,921 votes.

    In other words, 131,294 voters who did vote for Grassley didn’t vote for Ernst; they swung for Braley.

    Republicans won both years but I think you overestimate the enthusiasm for TP-aligned candidates in a nationally shifting electorate. 131k is a significant dropoff if it was indeed a “wave” as you purport.

    Colorado was about the only state with serious red-voter gains; otherwise all the other states follow this 15-20% dropoff margin. And 24 red state Senator seats are up for grabs in 2016 so y’all have your work cut out for you.

    Good luck.

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