5 Motivating Tips From a Beginning Runner


Absolutely love running in the fall weather. The colors of the leaves – are perfect.

I will be the first to tell you – yes, I am a novice runner – an enthusiastic novice runner, no doubt – but a beginner. Going to run my first real 5k over Thanksgiving with The Veggie Girl {prayers, prayers, prayers – for a full completion with no walking}. Hey, you have to start somewhere on a running journey!

Here are a few tips this novice runner has learned. So, from a beginner’s spirit to yours – take these tips to heart. They just might improve your mood – and make lacing up those kicking tennis shoes easier and more enjoyable.

Run outdoors: there is something totally different about being in nature than on the grind of the treadmill. There is so much to observe outdoors – the crunchy leaves, scurrying squirrels, business people commuting, your neighbors etc. I also like feeling the brisk wind in my lungs. Get over it being cold, just make sure you bundle up (you are sure to warm up getting that body moving).

Get Nike + on your iphone: just download it now – even if you are just thinking about starting running. This free app has helped me out so much. You can create a running playlist and map your run. It tracks calories, measures your heart rate and talks to you. It is like a little coach in your phone. You can also build a community of running friends from the app.wake up

Post your workout to social media: don’t usually brag about my workout routine; but, posting your Nike + running route on Instagram and progress invigorates me and motivates me. Not only do you have awesome runners like your run; but, this support spurs you on to do more. And, you will feel bad when you skip a day posting a workout.

Buy cute, nice running shoes: mine are orange/pink and I love them. They were not the most expensive shoes in town {$69}, but they fit great. I love strapping them up and hitting the pavement in bright, fun shoes. If you don’t know too much about running shoes [read up on what you need here].

Drink a cup of coffee/tea before your run: this just gets me revved up. Not only does it warm my body and brace it for the cold outdoors; but the caffeine is a motivator. It will get you through those longer runs [which for me is about 3 miles right now].

Bonus Tip: browse through Pinterest key word ‘running motivation.’ If that does not get you up off the couch, not sure what will!

Hope these little tips help you on your brave, awesome, beneficial journey to become a kicking runner! As Olivia Pope would say – go forth Gladiators. Will let y’all know how race day goes – gobble, gobble.


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